yum bugs

38 bugs found

number status description
171664 assigned Inproper encoding of urlopen error (using IPv6 on non-IPv6 system)
186945 assigned Yum reports Updated/Complete even when its failed with errors
200643 new Obsoletes processing should be arch-aware
216967 new yum install kernel, installed 32- AND 64-bit kernels
228944 assigned yum whatprovides bin/yacc does not work
231591 assigned gcc-java dependent on eclipse-ecj via /usr/share/java/eclipse-ecj.jar
236382 new yum removed currently running kernel-debug
238374 new yum processing of Conflicts: vs. arch choice.
240606 new Pirut search with ' character instantly crashes
240821 new yum cannot remove packages without network
244009 needinfo libpng and libpng-devel version mismatch -> "Error: Missing Dependency:"
244224 new Add 'reinstall' option for yum
244931 needinfo Cosmetic? yum fails to display replaced arch
244954 assigned better handling of packages listed in multiple package groups
248930 new wish: add install DVD repository
249194 assigned yum is upset to find kmdls for old kernel
249994 assigned yum updating --> TypeError: list objects are unhashable
250908 new yum crash with empty repository
253624 needinfo Yum update fails with obsolete
253687 assigned New kernel deinstalls old one / old kernel deinstalls new one
259021 assigned Yum downloading rpms for wrong architecture
261961 new Yum does not like non-ascii package names
283611 new yum search should look into provides
283961 new "Updating for dependencies" is confusing
287181 new Dbus fails to update due to transaction error
287661 needinfo Yum crashes
288681 new yum reports file sizes inconsistently
289011 assigned yum failed to install kernel-
292141 needinfo Software Updater GUI for yum caused Exception
294071 assigned missing dependency: libavahi-ui.so.0:
295621 new Strange "ts_done name in te" messages on update
298271 new yum, package manager, does not open
307541 new install failure -> ts_done name in te is fedora-release-notes should be faad2
308321 modified yum (as used by pirut) fails to install all dependencies
308711 needinfo Problems Updating Via Yum Due to Strange Java-1.5.0-GCJ Dependencies
318041 new installonly_limit does not work.
321341 new upd-instroot yum actions wind up in system syslog
327061 new TB815ccf7d sqlutils.py:148:executeSQLQmark:OperationalError: no such column: filelist
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